ZENWE Trust was formed in March 2015 with the objective of creating a working relationship between humans and nature in which they both benefit and thrive. Conflicts between humans and nature are on the rise and remain a huge problem to the survival of both. We believe these can be reduced if a holistic approach is adopted. ZENWE Trust tries to bridge the gap between the two by supporting various communities with their needs then introduce awareness campaigns about the importance of environment, nature &wildlife. This approach has proven to work better as the communities open up more when they see that they are not being neglected for wildlife and that equally wildlife conservation needs their support. We believe human welfare and wildlife welfare cannot be separated if permanent solutions are to be found.

Specific objectives:

Our specific objectives are to:

  1. To embark on income generating projects for the disadvantaged members of the community

  2. To find solutions to human &wildlife conflicts,

  3. To rehabilitate and restore destroyed nature reserves and disturbed environments,

  4. To carry out wildlife and environment awareness campaigns,

  5. To engage all stakeholders on matters to do with wildlife and environment &push for the enacting of new laws &implementation of existing laws.

The Trust consists of 6 executive team players categorized as follows; 3 trustees, 1 Executive officer, and 2 Ambassadors. All with unique skills & qualifications that can be brought to bear, to solve or analyze specific issues in the field. Brief backgrounds of the team are attached to the links on their names below; also find the list of former members &their contributions to the Trust here.






Executive Officers