• Andrea Beránková


DOB & Place:

  • 30 December 1986, Czech Republic



  • Social Administration



  • English, Czech, Slovenia


  • I grew up in Czech Republic. From childhood I was surrounded by animals...

dogs, cats, birds and a lot of rodents...

  • Although I didn't specialize in wildlife related subjects at school

the love and bond for wildlife remain in my heart and soul.

  • My life love are cats. I have adopted two which are so dear to my heart, they are  my children.

  • Seeing how vulnerable my cats are I know nature and wild animals need our attention and help as well,

otherwise they will not survive.



  • Sea&Air Logistics/employed 



  • professional experience with administration, dealing with customers and all the office work

  • personal experiences with care&life with farm animals and almost all kind of pets (mammals, reptiles birds,..)

  • work for non-profit shelter for homeless cats



  • my cats, nature, garden, home

  • world status of predators and other species important to maintain unique biotopes across the world

  • helping to rescue Cecil Kop Nature Reserve

  • support projects to rescue wildlife, or animals in captivity.. etc

  • diving, wildlife documentary



"Try to imagine you wake up after 30 years, find out only cows, chickens and humans exist on this planet, just because people eat them, and realize you didn't do anything to change it.That's what I never want to experience. Our planet is not beautiful because of us - humans. The sooner people understand the more lives can be saved."