Co-Founder: Evelyn Ngarakana


Evelyn Ngarakana

D.O.B & Place:

18th March 1992, Mutare, Zimbabwe



  • 'O' and 'A' Level ZimSec - Zimbabwe (2006-2011).

  • BSc. Hons. Degree in Biological Sciences (Area of specialization - Ecology), 

      University of Zimbabwe (2012-2016).

  • MPhilSc, Plant Conservation &Systematics, University of Zimbabwe in 

      collaboration with University of Oslo, Norway (pending)



  • Ecologist trainee for 12 months with Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (2014-2015).

  • Carried out a study on the Alien invasive plant species Vernonanthura phosphorica (Bee bush) in Burma Valley, Manicaland, Zimbabwe (2015-2016). - Was published in the scholarly journal “Transaction of the Royal Society of South Africa” in September 2017.

  • Voluntary Secretary for Wildlife Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) Manicaland branch (2014 to 2019).

  • Ecologist consultant at Cecil Kop Nature Reserve from 2014 to 2019.



  • Watching wildlife documentaries

  • Going on forest walks

“The Earth is a System which no one can change no matter how advanced the technology can get. Either we adapt to suit the system Or we collapse &cause the Earth to collapse with us (but not the system)., And there is no an in-between choice."