Ambassador - Karina Robin


Karina Robin

DOB & Place:

23 August 1958, Germany


Languages and political sciences


German, English, French


I grew up in Germany but moved to Brussels, Belgium, 20 years ago for professional reasons.

I have always loved animals (my whole family does), I am myself the obedient servant of two cats.On my numerous visits to the African continent I quickly understood that we have to act to preserve the beauty of our planet and its wildlife.

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Poaching, trophy-hunting or simply humans encroaching on the animals' habitat push our wild fauna towards extinction.


wildlife photographer


I started the initiative wildlife4wildlife to support wildlife protection projects through my photography.


·         photography in general but mainly African wildlife

·         travel

·         drawing

·         supporting wildlife protection projects

·         studying towards becoming a nature and field guide

“Animals have a right to live – not because we or our children want to be able to see them but just because they must have the same rights as any other being – without having to be 'useful'. A world without animals would be in a terrible state of unbalance, the repercussions would be unfathomable.”