Co-Founder: Mike Hitschmann


  • 16.06.1960, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe



  • ‘A’ Level Cambridge, languages: English, French & Italian – Zimbabwe


Languages spoken:

  • English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese



  • All forms of civilian and non-civilian logistics. Weapons &Tactics instructor.

  • Wildlife management including chemical and mechanical game capture.

  • Business management including Import and Export formalities. 

  • Transport management including maintenance of light and heavy vehicles, both petrol and diesel engines. 

  • Law enforcement, anti-poaching, crime detection, prevention and investigations both in civilian and non-civilian sectors.



  • Self -reliant from the age of 17,5yrs and self-employed for the past 29yrs in a Private Limited company.

  • 2 year preparation from scratch (ie. Procuring of a suitable vehicle, all preparation of the vehicle and equipment/supplies/route planning etc) for a successful cross Africa expedition, starting in Munich, Germany in June 1984 and arriving in Mutare, Zimbabwe in December of the same year – a total of 22 000km through hostile and challenging environments.

  • Management of a 1500 hectare game reserve 1987 to date including game capture for veterinary and translocation purposes


  • Anti-poaching and personnel training and management. 


  • Interaction with international donors including preparation of project proposals and detailed report-backs on projects that received funding.


  • Experienced snake handler/catcher for the past 43 yrs – regularly serving the greater community and assisting the Zimbabwe Republic Police and Parks & Wildlife Management services with PAC (Problem Animal Control) especially for reptile call-outs.

  • Unqualified but experienced motor mechanic on both petrol and diesel vehicles including heavy vehicles.

  • 17 yrs experience in law enforcement, intelligence and counter intelligence, crime prevention, detection and investigations and a qualified weapons and tactics instructor




To try to make life a little better for those “voiceless” among us whether they be humans or animals and encourage an enlightened respect for the importance of our natural resources and environment. 

“Sustainable utilization” has become a catch phrase for sugar coating practices that essentially rape our environment – to be truly sustainable a balance has to be struck whereby humans can benefit but not at the cost of animals or the environment. 


The international wildlife and nature conservation sector is worth millions of dollars worldwide and too often it is apparent that large sums of donor money are allocated to “administration” rather than getting to where it’s most needed. 


My hope is that together with the help of my colleagues both in and out of Zimbabwe, ZENWE will be one of the exceptions.