Mukhanana Village Rehabilitation Project

*This Project is pending awaiting funding. Several grant applications have been made

Executive Summary:


The Problem:

The Mukahanana community is a large village consisting of 96 households with approx 500 occupants that live on the banks of Osborne dam in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. The community lacks a reliable, safe and easily accessible source of drinking water, this has resulted in the following:

- Most of the households have to walk long distances to collect drinking water on a daily basis.

- Women are forced to give birth in unhygienic conditions in an already under equipped and undermanned clinic.

- The community lacks a consistent water supply to use for irrigating crops and are therefore at the mercy of increasingly        unpredictable rains to grow their food.



Initially, to minimise costs we are applying for this grant to provide a sustainable, clean and safe source of water for the community by drilling three boreholes in key locations in the village. These boreholes will be fitted with Solar water pumps of the highest quality & durability (to maximise longevity) which will pump water into storage tanks from which people can collect water at any time. One of these boreholes will form the basis of the second stage of the project which will be the creation of a medium sized market garden with the aim of providing the village with a source of income. Another of the boreholes will be situated centrally near the school/clinic and will provide a much needed source of clean water for the treatment of the sick as well as improve the hygiene in the school.


Duration of Project:

Within six months of receiving funding we plan on having the 3 boreholes drilled and pumping water into storage tanks, making it available for consumption by the community as a whole. This is Phase 1. To attain this goal, we will need 66,257 USD.

We plan to apply for funding from other sources for the setting up of a Market garden (Phase 2) once the boreholes are in and pumping water.

Our goal over the next year is to provide Mukahanana village with a reliable, safe source of water and as mentioned prior, to provide them a means to making a sustainable, environmentally friendly living through the creation of a market garden. We plan to create a close relationship between the Mukahanana community market garden and local retailers of Fresh produce in the nearby city of Mutare to encourage the sustainability of the project.