Ambassador - Real Eeez


Real Eeez



Afro-Pop musicians


  • Collaborated with some of Zimbabwean icons such as Sulumani Chimbetu, Munya Vialy, Rockford "Roki" Josphats and others.

  • Recorded some songs which made it to regional radio stations such as TransAfrica (South African based).

  • Invited to perform at various events such as the country's beauty pageants and other shows

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  • Attracted local and regional journalists after successfully executing the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Anti-Gravity 45 degrees lean LIVE on Stage.

 Commitment to the community &environment:

  • Have over the years worked with various community groups such as churches to help the less privileged people in the community (particularly struggling orphans)

  • Have been involved in environmental programmes such as clean up campaigns in the city

  • Have actively encouraged other young people to take up responsibility of the environment and the community through their social media platforms.

"Being on this Earth is a privilege &so is having a community. We can only appreciate having these 2, only if we actively participate in caring for them through our everyday actions. It takes All of us"