Facebook Reviews


              We believe that true wildlife and environment

              conservation can only be achieved if the whole community is on board. ZENWE Trust Facebook page was therefore created to accommodate everybody, with or without a background or much knowledge of wildlife.

The page communicates various Ecological issues that the ZENWE team works on e.g interaction between snakes & humans, between wildlife in Cecil Kop Nature Reserve & humans, between the environment &humans. BUT this is done mainly in layman's language and this has allowed us to have more people writing to us freely and openly without fear of being judged and also knowing that there is a listening ear. It has also allowed us to understand the community better which enables us to reach out to more people even outside Facebook when we go out with Awareness campaigns to the communities.

We also get a lot of love, support, encouragement from the page something that keeps us going. No matter how tough the situations may seem, with the amount of support we get giving up is never an option.

Facebook calls them "followers" but we call them Family. So go ahead and join the ZENWE Trust Facebook Family @zenwetrustzw and walk on this journey of fighting for wildlife and environment with us.