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Cecil Kop Nature Reserve

A short film about the reserve done by HM Productions ZW

A short clip showing a bit of what Cecil Kop Nature Reserve has to offer to the community & visitors.

The ZENWE firefighter in action during a controlled burn in Cecil Kop Nature Reserve.

Snake Rescue - Mutare

We were called out to a house in the suburbs of Mutare to catch this beautiful specimen. A Mozambique spitting  cobra that had spat a dog in the eye before making it's escape into a drain. The dog recovered fully.

A rescued Snouted Egyptian Cobra being released in Cecil Kop Nature Reserve by Mike Hitschmann. It was caught by Brighton Mahwite, in Yeovil (residential area)

The Python enclosure that was under construction at Cecil Kop Nature Reserve was finally completed. In the video A python caught by Brighton Mahwite, is released into the enclosure.

Mike Hitschmann received a snake callout to Greenside one Sunday morning. It turned out to be a Brown House Snake in the rafters of an out building