ZENWE Orphan Relief Programme



The Orphan Relief Programme is a result of the ZENWE team enacting on the needs of the community in which environment and wildlife awareness campaigns were being held. Once we met and heard the stories of orphans in the community it became impossible to turn our backs on helping them and their guardians..

Our definition of orphans:

as many of these cases will sadly show, are children under the age of 18 who have lost a parent or both parents through death, illness such as HIV or abandonment. They are usually left in the care of a relation, in most cases a grandmother or a single guardian or parent, usually a mother.

Our fact finding results:

Our fact finding is revealing more about their circumstances however all suffer the common issues of highly unsuitable/ small/ dangerous and costly council housing, the lack of employment (where if they can get employment, daily income only ranges from $1 - $5 per day) and therefore the ability to pay for education, medical costs or even feed their families, that easily number between 4 - 9 people in a tiny 1m x 2m space, becomes extremely challenging.

The aim of the programme:

is to firstly immediately alleviate the most critical cases. In addition to liaising with Social Welfare Services, the Programme will run fundraising to ensure critical food, clothing and medical needs are met. Following from that, a few different project streams will be kicked off, and we aim to ensure that all donations are put to maximum use with the goal to enable the guardians and the community to become better skilled and more self sustainable.

Apart from the immediate provision of food and basic necessities for extreme cases, the project streams will cover:

  • Regular Workshops for Lifestyle improvements (water, nutrition, hygiene, first aid etc through the use of videos, knowledgeable trainers and hands on experience with follow up revisions)

  • Regular Skills/Up-skills workshops especially for guardians and older orphans to learn different trades or upskill. Depending on type of workshop, the opportunity will be for others in the community to also attend, but for a small fee and meeting criteria and approval of Ward leaders.

    • these workshops will be led by by skilled individuals or skilled retired seniors who we hope will donate their time and knowledge to teach different trades, and hopefully still receive a small remuneration for their services.

    • We hope to also receive donations for tools/materials.

  • Industry creation and/or Job Placement Streams - after market research we hope to help these communities create innovative products through the use of recycled waste/products, value addition to produce production or high demand markets, plus organised labour recruitment opportunities. These will be adapted based on our research results.

  • Petitioning local providers like Council/ Schools/ Electricity Providers/ Doctors/  Clinics & Recreational etc to try to get more affordable costings for orphan families.

  • Orphan Fun Events - to nurture learning, creativity, confidence through organised Play, Nature Experiences, or Educational excursions in groups on a regular basis.

  • Larger Community based improvements (if possible these aim to benefit the entire community not just orphan families and will follow on from the success of the Skills workshop and training. Council and fundraising permitting; it could encompass such things such as Housing improvements, Library, Playgrounds, Protected Communal areas).




Progress Update

May 2018 - December 2018

The ZENWE Orphan Relief Programme became functional in May 2018. In that year:

  • $968 was raised locally & abroad

  • 5 children were supported with school fees, school uniforms, stationery and food. Our first (little deaf girl) has been paid for 3 terms, our 2nd orphan for 2 terms and 3 others paid for the third term of 2018. The year was closed with enough to get them through at least one more term.

  • 3 businesses were supported in their starting up

  • Through generous donations,  over 100 children were provided with clothing and toys, and where it was especially needed, food was also provided.

  • We also received a huge donation of books that was donated to a local community youth library (Mutare Turner Memorial Library)!

A snapshot is in the attached picture



Challenges faced:

Unfortunately life is difficult for many and the donor community is swamped so we did not manage to achieve as much as we would have loved to. Particularly:

  • Securing enough funds to do projects that allow continuous flow of funds to keep the children in school since the school fees has to be paid 3 times a year.

The instability of the Zimbabwe economy certainly made the year a lot challenging as basic commodity' prices skyrocketed mid year. Cyclone Idai also caused a huge strain on funding but we are glad that so many donations were pumped in to help the victims who were in dire need of this help.

A special thank you again to all the caring people for their generosity in donations, time and help with the Orphan Relief Programme.

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January 2019 - December 2019


The economic crisis in the country only got worse in 2019. Unfortunately as life gets hard it only gets worse for the orphans and the less privileged of the society hence the more they need our help.  We therefore continued pushing and we are excited that regardless of  all the setbacks we managed to support 15children in school and we also managed to do the following:

  • purchasing school uniforms and stationery for the children

  • Purchasing wheelchair and support some children living with disabilities

  • Paying water bills and rentals for 2 families  supporting at least 10 orphaned children

  • Supporting some families with food, clothes and toiletries basic commodities

  • Purchasing of a sewing and an inter locker with the hope of starting a school uniform sewing project for our orphans and for sale to try and support more orphans.

  • Purchasing tables and chairs for the sewing project.

Our most sincere gratitude to our supporters and donors their generous donations in both cash and kind`

*For detailed information on what we did please check out our blog here where we upload regular updates. Also subscribe to the blog here to get a notification each time we put up an update.